Online Team Entry

The official Competitive Team Entry Form is due by July 31st, 2022. Competing teams shall be responsible for meeting all entry requirements per IWWF Rule 6.01 - 6.04, Entry Requirements & Tournament Paperwork. 

Entry Form

IWWF Rule Book

Download to view the 2022 edition of the World Show Ski Technical Rules for Show Competition. 

Show Rulebook
  1. Team Roster and federation proof (2 copies)
  2. A signed IWWF Release and Waiver form for each member of the team
  3. Judges Form (15 copies)
  4. Act Reasoning Form (15 copies)
  5. Scorers Form (2 copies)
  6. IWWF Safety Directors Tracking Report form (1 copy)
  7. Club radio and wireless microphone frequencies (to chief judge)
  8. Outstanding Male/Female Performer form (8 copies)
  9. Ski Team Fact Sheet (2 copies)
  10. Webcast Form (2 copies)
Working with PDFs

PDF files are preferred for the required individual competition paperwork upload. Do not complete PDFs in a web browser. Download PDFs to your computer, open with Adobe Reader or full version of Acrobat if you have it, and then complete the form. Remember to save it! By default, some computers and tablets are set to automatically open PDFs in a web browser. If this is the case, right click on the PDF file and choose the “open with…” option to open in Acrobat Reader, Adobe Reader, or Acrobat.

Need Help?

Contact the chief judge with questions. 
[email protected]
The local currency is US Dollars (USD) and will be accepted on site along with credit and debit cards.  To help with planning, please view current exchange rates online. 

All competing teams are to receive copies of their own Judges Forms and copies of all Scorers Forms. All Judges and Scorers forms are considered public information and shall be made available upon request. All requests for additional copies shall be made in writing, prior to the start of the tournament, to the Chief Scorer; and the requesting person shall pay for all copying and mailing expense, if any.

We will provide a USB (aka flash or thumb) drive for your post tournament paperwork digitally. 

Your team will still receive copies of their written Judges Forms and their own Scorers Form.

Live Webcast

Individual Events will be LIVE from Friday Oct. 21 - Sunday Oct. 23


Meet the selected 2022 IWWF World Water Ski Show Tournament Officials.

IWWF Event Bulletins

Download to view updated event information. 

Bulletin OneBulletin Two


Bulletin 3 includes our final event information.

Bulletin Three