Lake Silver, Winter Haven

Lake Silver is a natural freshwater lake, almost circular in shape, located in central Winter Haven.  The lake has a 52 acre surface area and is one of the deepest non man made lakes in all of Central Florida.  Despite its rather small size compared to neighboring lakes, Lake Silver measures a deep 45 feet (14m) in some areas of the lake.  

The LOC will complete a document that includes specific details related to the Competition Show Site and we have selected Roger Olson as the person of site knowledge to be present at the Chief Judge’s meeting with the teams to explain the site and answer any questions that the teams may have.   

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Site Renovation Updates

A multi million dollar renovation of MLK park on Lake Silver is nearing completion. We will update images here of the new stage, site layout and infrastructure being built at the site.  The staging area is a large active area with three team pre-staging areas of considerable size on protected pavement.  An indoor changing area will be provided along with portable toilets.  A rope-drag area will be set up along with water for skiers to use as they need for cleaning, cooling, soaking bindings…etc.  Drinking water will be provided for all teams in the staging area.  

Lunches on site during the tournament Oct. 21-23 will be provided free of charge to Athletes, Team Officials, Technical Officials, relative IWWF Show Ski Council Members and IWWF Executive Board Members. 

Judges & Sound

The newly constructed infrastructure includes bathrroms, sound room (premium sound system will be provided) and a judges's balcony.

Garden Center

Officials building for scoring, lunches and room for all official meetings. Restrooms, AC and Wifi connection available.

Senior Center

Emergency personnel certified in water rescue and transport during practice and competition will be located in the Senior Center.

Southern Hospitality

Within the site we plan to have a southern hospitality area with local BBQ and drinks.

VIP Area

Tickets will be available for our VIP area. Food and drinks along with a great view will be provided.

Food & Drink

Food and drinks will be available for purchase during the tournament at the site.

Tournament Set Up

Tournament docks will all be set at 330′ (100.5M) apart.

Far-Left Dock


Will be a floating dock capable of holding a number of skiers.  It will include a walkway and will be placed 270' (82m) left of the Near Left Dock (main dock).

Near Left Dock


Has a 16'(4.8m) width by 36'(10.9m) length carpeted stationary dock.  The dock is adjustable to varying water levels.  The height is set in accordance to IWWF Show Rules.

Near Right Dock


Has a 12'(3.6m) width by 33'(10m) length floating dock that may be skied from.  It will have a mini ramp at the end of the dock for all to use and will be fixed in place. 


Far Right Dock


Will be a floating dock capable of holding multiple skiers.  The dock will also serve as a take-off dock, and will include a walkway.  The dock will be 200'(61m) from the near right dock/mini ramp. 

Ski Ramps


We will supply one regulation jump (per rule) with side aprons along with an inclined ramp (mini-ramp) that is fastened the near right dock (Beach Dock). 

Beach and Stage

The beach (330'/100.5m) is sand with a natural slope into the water.  The new payoff stage will be 15'(4.5m) wide and 80'(24.3m) long covered with a foam-rubber flooring system engineered specifically for aquatics. 


Additional barges are available and will be presented at Chief Judge's meeting with Team Representative.

Mobile Pontoon

A motorized mobile barge will be available for all teams to use.

Pyramid Barge

We will supply North End Pontoons "pyramid barge(s)" that will be located 1,500'+ (457m) from the main dock #2.

Tow boats, pick-up boats, floating docks and all sponsored supplied equipment will be available the FRIDAY morning (1 week) before the tournament.


Inboard supplier will have a technician on site to answer any questions in regards to the operation of boats provided.

tow boats
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Twin Rig

We will provide one twin rig tow boat that will have at least two 200hp motors.

Inboard Boats

Discussions are almost final to secure our sponsored inboard boats with mid mounted engines.  One two boat will be a wakeboard style boat.

Pick-Up Boat

We will provide at least one pickup boat that will be used by all competing teams.  It may not be used to pull skiers. 


Ski Storage

The LOC will provide containers for the storage of competitive team's equipment. Enclosed trailers may be available from southern region host ski clubs.

Sound System

a premium sound system will be provided along with a sound equipment technician to ensure possible equipment//power issues are addressed without delay.

Safety Equipment

All tow boats will have one Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III or V floatation for riders to wear. All tow boats provided will be equipped with safety releases.

Boat Attachments

One tow boat will be a twin rig that will have a barefoot boom option. One inboard tow boat will be a wakeboard style boat that will have the option for a High Pole.
All Federations, Team Managers, Team Show Director(s) and Skiers should be familiar with the current IWWF World Show Ski Technical Rules.

Meet members of the Steering Committee